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Downtown uses iBeacons to convert every customer into a mobile point of sale. Customers can place orders and process payments from their smartphones while physically being at your business.
HOW IT works
With Downtown integrated with your business, customers can seamlessly order and pay from their phones.
Customer places order with Downtown’s mobile app
Customer pays with Downtown via credit card or Apple Pay
Merchant receives order on iPad or existing POS
HOW you benefit

Increased Reorders

The ease and convenience of Downtown increases reorder rates by up to 300%

Higher Ticket Amounts

After installing Downtown, businesses make up to 2x higher revenue per ticket than before.

More Tips

Customers ordering and paying with Downtown tend to tip more as the experience is seamless.

Happier Customers

Customers no longer need to wait to order or pay, allowing the business to focus on service and quality.

What is an iBeacon?

An iBeacon is a small, wireless device that broadcasts bluetooth signals to smart devices.
Downtown’s iBeacons can be installed on a micro-location level as well as on a hypermicro-location level.  

Beacons on a micro-location level detect whether a customer is at your location or not. Beacons on a hypermicro-location level can be attached to tables or other objects to understand from which area a customer has placed an order.
“Downtown’s technology provides our customers with an enhanced means of doing business with us. Our customers who do not use the Downtown application benefit as the line is thinned. Downtown increased our reorders since our customers no longer have to re-enter the line to place reorders“
jean-paul coupal • owner of coupa cafe in palo alto,ca
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