About Us

It all started one day last December in downtown Palo Alto when we experienced how frustrating and  time consuming local commerce could be.
We began building an universal solution that reinvents how we discover and purchase from brick and mortar stores. It all started when we went that night for one of our “traditional” evening walks on University Avenue in Palo Alto. 

We observed that no other store apart from the Apple Store was able to provide its customers with a seamless and convenient shopping experience. Frankly speaking, it was more difficult to pay for a $5 ice cream than purchasing a $199 Anki Drive at Apple. 

Local shopping can be frustrating and time consuming. Inconvenient discovery and avoiding the point of sale has been a primary driver of online e-commerce growth. 

Local retailers have suffered a decline in sales to cloud based vendors as a result. We plan to change all that.
“Brick and mortar commerce has avoided change for the last centuries. We are striving to change this and build the commerce experiences of tomorrow. We start doing so with the vertical that has the highest degree of retention and density but we will not stop there.“
Phil Buckendorf
Co-Founder & CEO
Xavier de Ryckel